These are writings inspired by my life in Lynchburg.  I moved here in 1986. This is an old, conservative,  southern, town at the foot of the Appalachians.  It is also called Hill City, or City of Seven Hills.  My great-uncle Walter, who worked for the railroad, lived here for years in the 1930s. My grandmother  learned to drive here one summer when they were visiting Uncle Walter. The car was a stick shift of course, and my mother was a little girl.  Mama said she feared for her life  when Grandmama drove.  Mama was sure they would slide backward down a hill and into the river before Grandmama could get the gears to hold.  When I moved here from the flat land of Tidewater, I was afraid of the same thing and I was driving an automatic. Despite her experience of learning to drive in this hilly place,  Grandmama said "Lynchburg is the prettiest city in Virginia". I'm still working on this website.  I want just Lynchburg stories on this page but the other entries keep showing up. … [Read more...]

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